Are you facing foreclosure because you financed your home with a sub-prime mortgage?

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Sound Chapter 7 Legal Advice From Nuñez Law Corporation

If you are fearing home foreclosure or worried about your credit rating, confused by bankruptcy myths or fearful of creditor actions, our reassuring Chapter 7 legal guidance and high level of personal service can bring you peace of mind. Read more....


Help For San Diego Families Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Across California and the nation, individuals and families are hurting financially — fearing home foreclosure, frightened by creditor harassment and scrambling to keep pace with their bills. Read more....


Bankruptcy Myths

At Nuñez Law Corporation, we are constantly called upon to correct misinformation about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13consumer bankruptcy options. Read more....


Rebuilding credit

Yes, it can be done — despite the bankruptcy myths about credit repair that you may have heard. Founder Maria J. Nuñez can give you tips for rebuilding your credit that can put you on the path to a solid financial footing. Read more....

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-Ralph Waldo Emerson